What We Do

WE craft stories that captivate and move your audience 


  • Commercial photography and video
  • Animation
  • Augmented Reality installations and campaigns
  • Live-action escape rooms and immersive game experiences
  • New forms of mobile, narrative storytelling
  • Finishing and editing
  • Experience design




We are an award-winning collective pushing the boundaries of modern storytelling and experience design. Our work in feature films, documentaries, commercial photography, augmented reality, theatrical and brand-building touchpoints means we are more than just a commercial studio. We partner with our clients to build worlds that change people and ignite their imaginations. 

Narrative Drive excels at creating narrative works, both in-studio and ‘in the wild’. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone with a story to tell.
— Eric Portelance, HALO Brewery


Josh Clavir is an award-winning creative digital media producer/director. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects from feature-length narrative films to augmented reality experiences, live-action room escape games, animated films, commercials, documentaries, and music videos. His work has been seen at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Royal Ontario Museum, Tampere Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin, Ryerson University, Uppsala Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival, and the Vancouver International Film Festival. Josh holds a BFA from Ryerson University in Film Studies and a Master's in Digital Media. 



Sean is a commercial and fine art photographer, director and digital media storyteller. He has worked on all sides of a campaign from strategist to creative and execution. He has worked at some of the top digital agencies in the biz and knows first-hand how to create measurable experiences that support a larger campaign's objectives. 

Sean is an author, podcaster, recognized digital strategist and professional speaker. He believes that the search for purpose unites everyone on this planet and this presents massive opportunities for organizations working to create positive social change. 

Stephen Smith is a senior digital media technologist with over 20 years of experience. His focus is on connected and local HTML5 application development, both online and inter-real-world-object communication, from JavaScript 2015, Ember, HandleBars, Hyperscript/Virtual-DOM, and SASS in the browser; Groovy, Java, Grails, Spring-Boot, VertX, Play, Symfony and Craft CMS on the server; Gradle, npm, grunt and Jenkins build environments, and Dokku, Herokuish, Docker, Tomcat, Node.js, Liberty, CloudFoundry, MySQL, Postgres, Apache, NGINX and Gradle infrastructure.

Stephen was Chief Technologist at ICE, one of the largest interactive marketing firms in Canada. While at ICE, he oversaw the development efforts of the agency and was architect for the company’s major e-commerce initiatives including Air Canada, Purolator, E*Trade, Royal Canadian Mint, LCBO, Canadian Tire, Signature Vacations and Bell Canada (Sympatico).

Jamie Kwan is an interdisciplinary experience designer and digital strategist. He is passionate for creating narrative environments that ignite play and curiosity — leading to his work in designing visitor attractions, exhibitions, and large-scale interactive installations. 

Jamie is also the co-founder of Studio Bud, a creative initiative that engages youth in playful, collaborative, and blue-sky ideation. He was trained as an Architect, and holds a Masters in Digital Media from Ryerson University.