University Mini-Docs

Our student activation videos Combine the beauty and power of documentary storytelling with behavioural testing and measurement to create exceptional data-driven outcomes.

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University mini docs

At Narrative Drive, we understand the need for updated student stories that captivate your audience, support your positioning and create results.

We know how much you have to get done every day. We have taken over 20 years of experience and created a cost-effective process by which we manage all aspects of pre-production through to final product: identifying the story drivers, selecting the student spokespeople, and even behavioural testing of the videos with your target audience.

The best way to break through the clutter is to tell their stories. We focus on your audience and the stories of their peers, idols and role models. Real stories of real students just like them but who have achieved the next stage in their dreams at your institution.

Our process ensures that you are kept abreast at every stage while minimizing your risk and maximizing your return. We find the storytellers that won't freeze up on shoot day and whose stories are captivating for your end audience.

We have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Narrative Drive. They have worked closely with us to identify and bring to life captivating stories that showcase our strengths and, most importantly, that our target audience wants to watch.
— Andrea Kwan, Manager – Strategic Marketing and Communications, Rotman Commerce


Stories that resonate

Your audience has been trained to block out marketing messages. They are inundated on every device and in every quadrant of their lives. And yet, it is your job to reach them and to drive a significant number of them to select your institution over a long list of competitors.

We help you find and tell the stories that matter – that capture their attention and break through the clutter and noise. And we prove it.


Our process features a number of industry-first innovations from storyteller selection to recorded pre-screen interviews, to behavioural testing. All designed so that you can head home from work assured you will have a product that exceeds your team's expectations.

A team of highly skilled creative professionals, Narrative Drive brings stories to life in a way that’s fresh and captivating for audiences.
— Andy Lee, Communications and Marketing Officer, Ryerson University

More of Our Work 

The following videos achieved unparalleled views, engagement and time watched for each institution. Narrative Drive works with you at every stage from storyteller identification, vetting, filming, post-production and market testing.

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